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Aspirin Can Significantly Aid in Colorectal Cancer Discovery

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

It’s been all over the news in recent days. For years aspirin has been a tried and true way to help prevent heart attacks and heart disease, but new data is coming to light that could increase the intake of aspirin further. It’s being discovered that a low daily dose of aspirin, in addition to its heart healthy benefits, can significantly reduce the chance of many types of cancer from developing, most notably colorectal cancer.

According to a wide variety of sources, prolonged, low-dose daily use can actually enhance detection of early warning signs of colorectal cancer. The detection of blood in the stool (fecal occult blood) is vital in detecting colorectal cancers early. Up until very recently it was believed that aspirin could in fact skew the results, leaving physicians with an uncertain assessment of an individual’s cancer development.

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The Thanksgiving Meal

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

This past weekend we traveled and gathered with people who we love and care about. In addition to the warm company of family and friends there’s some sort of meal served smack dab in the middle of that long holiday weekend we all just experienced. Ok, it’s fairly consistent across the board – the hallowed Thanksgiving meal.

Everyone has their own variation and family favorites, but no one walks away saying that they’re still hungry. Therein lies the conundrum that Thanksgiving creates for our digestive tract.

Usually on Thanksgiving we don’t normally pump our bodies full of heavily processed foods laden with healthy doses of preservatives, rather we typically prepare fresher foods in a rich way. The food on the turkey-day table is generally high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt.

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