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A Gastroenterology Doctor in Brooklyn

Monday, January 17th, 2011

It’s often a confusing and frustrating experience when your digestion, bowel movements, and general gastroeintestinal health seem to be delivering less-than-the-best results. The source of the discomfort and, in some cases, pain is hard to pinpoint on a truly independant basis.

Pain and discomfort could simply be caused by a lack of digestive fiber or an over-consumption of highly processed foods. It could also be caused by more intense and dangerous ailments such as Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, or even Cancer of the stomach, rectum, or colon. These are ailments that one cannot, and should not, try to self diagnose.


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Patient and Gastroenterologist Communication

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

For many, noticing signs of a developing gastrointestinal illness might initially feel uncertainty as to how to handle the situation, or even embarrassment. Not communicating with your physician about issues that might be construed as embarrassing or uncomfortable. Withholding information can be dangerous, especially because many gastrointestinal ailments can be alleviated quickly if found soon, but leaving ailments like hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome just go without any sort of treatment can be very dangerous and can lead to much worse, more devastating illnesses.


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