Treating the Patient, Not the Ailment: A Message from Dr. Baradarian

The way medicine is often practiced is to diagnose the ailment and then treat the ailment. It is rather impersonal and doesn’t take in the full impact and ailment has on a human being. Brooklyn Gastroenterology and Endoscopy is different. They look at the whole patient, not just what’s currently physically wrong with them.

To start, our staff speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Persian, Hebrew, and Spanish, so they are able to address a wide range of patients in their native tongue. This is an often overlooked aspect of medicine. It can help a patient feel more comfortable and develop a level of trust and care that can truly help treatment.

The practice also has a dietician, psychotherapist, and pathologist on staff. This allows the doctors to treat, not just the ailment, but the complications someone goes through when dealing with such an ailment (and its treatment) and some of the underlying issues that contribute to the ailment in the first place.

Getting sick can be debilitating mentally and emotionally, it can mean having to develop a whole new lifestyle, it can mean changing habits (such as diet) that you’ve spent a lifetime developing. The additional staff allows the practice to address all aspects of a patient’s life. Disease is not just the destruction of the body. It affects everything that makes us human. It should be treated as such and there’s at least one place that understands that.

Brooklyn Gastroenterology and Endoscopy tries to make its patients feel as at home as possible. They provide care in more than just the strictly medical sense. Patients will know that their physician views them as more than just a chart.

All aspects of health affect one another. Patients who are happier and more hopeful heal faster and when a patient’s mental and emotional state gets dragged down, it can have a harmful effect on the physical healing process. Brooklyn Gastroenterology and Endoscopy treats, heals and prepares patients for a future post-ailment.

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