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Cirrhosis of the Liver

Abnormal structure or function of the liver, which can lead to a full loss of liver function. A patient with cirrhosis may have a variety of symptoms, yellowing of the skin (jaundice), fatigue, weakness, itching, bruising, loss of appetite, etc. A host of symptoms can present themselves which can effect breath odor, skin tenderness, hypertension, fingernail growth changes, and loss of sexual drive. It can be caused by alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, and fatty liver disease, those come cases derive from an unknown cause. Cirrhosis of the liver is extremely serious and can lead to complications such as restricted blood flow to the kidneys, blood bypassing normal lung circulation, and liver cancer. Cirrhosis must be treated to prevent further damage to the liver, and preventing liver cancer. Damage typically cannot be reversed, but stopping any further damage is a necessary task. Conducting a liver biopsy to determine damage and a full plan of treatment is a must.

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