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Bravo Capsule

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The Bravo capsule is inserted into the esophagus two inches above the stomach junction through an endoscope. The capsule is then attached to the lining of the esophagus by a tiny pin. The endoscope is then used to make sure the capsule is in place. The capsule is a small gel cap, it contains a radio transmitter that sends the pH values to a monitor worn by the patient on his/her wrist of carried in a pocket.

After this procedure, patients go home and resume normal day to day activity. The monitor also has a symptom botton, that the patient will be told to press when heartburn, chest pain, or regurgitation is felt. This capsule monitors the patients pH for 48 hours. The doctor then downloads the data and uses the data to confirm or rule out GERD.

The capsule does not need to be removed, it will detach from the esophagus in a few days after placing, and will pass through the gastrointestinal tract to be eliminated.

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