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Dr. Tenner has been my gastroenterologist for a few years now, and I am grateful for his kindness, and caring nature. From the first moment that I met with Dr. Tenner I felt that I could trust him. Everything that was said in the rooms was kept confidential, and the procedures that he performed on me were painless, the results were to the point with no side talk. I appreciate the bluntness of my treatment, and the ability to have a word in what needs to be done. The office staff, and the referrals were completed on time, and everyone was so pleasant. The office setting made me feel safe and comfortable. The handouts that I was given, helped me understand in depth of what I needed to do, and the dietician was extremely helpful. I will definitely tell my mother to come see Dr. Tenner when the time comes. Usually I dread my next appointments, but I look forward to coming back in five years for my repeat colonoscopy.
Alexander Zachery
I have been searching for a good gastroenterologist for quite a while, but when I came across the office on Emmons Avenue I decided to give it another shot. I fell in love with the facility, the staff, and my new gastroenterologist Dr. Ramdhaney. She was so helpful, and understood what it is I needed, and helped me choose the best treatment. Dr. Ramdhaney has such a warm heart, and was able to deal with my indecisiveness. She approached my situation tenderly, and I felt that she was able to help me. I feel that I have received the treatment I was looking for throughout my years of searching for a gastroenterologist.
Delia Kensington
I had serious pains in my abdomen when I called Dr. Baradarian. Without having ever met me, he immediately went out of his way to ensure that I felt safe and comfortable. Dr. Baradarian treated me like family and even followed up with me to see how I was doing. I’ve never experienced medical care as genuine and professional as I received at NYGI. Dealing with medical issues can be frightening, but this team instilled confidence and gave me back my inner peace. Thank you so much Dr. Baradarian!
Olivia Taylor
Dr. Baradarian is one of the most gifted and considerate doctors I have ever met. Dr. Baradarian and his team took the time to answer all of my concerns and made sure that I was comfortable every step of the way. As a result of their commitment to perfection, I can enjoy my life better and eat all I want without any pain or problem. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Baradarian!
Daniel - New York, NY
I discovered Dr. Baradarian because my husband had been suffering from debilitating stomach cramps, bloating and gas. Immediately, we were worried he had colorectal cancer because of his family medical history, but thankfully, Dr. Baradarian was quick to run tests and rule out cancer. Thanks to Dr. Baradarian, my husband has learned to identify what foods trigger his IBS and to manage his condition.
Sara - Brooklyn, NY

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"This team instilled confidence and gave me back my inner peace."
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