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Gastrointestinal Procedures

We provide the best gastrointestinal care Brooklyn has to offer

All the physicians at Brooklyn Gastroenterology and Endoscopy perform a variety of tests and procedures within the facility, and at their affiliated hospitals.

At the facility, we have the options of performing an Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Hemorrhoid treatment, Colon Cancer Screening, and any number of blood and stool tests to identify the appropriate treatment to protect your health.  We also offer Nutrition Consultation and Psychotherapy services for our patients in addition to the wonderful care our physicians provide Brooklyn with every day.

Additional procedures are available at our other facilities such as: Esophageal Dilation, ERCP, Virtual Colonoscopy, Upper GI Series, PEG, Liver Biopsy, and more.  See our complete list below to learn more about the treatment options available from our doctors. Consult our Disease Information page for more information on the gastrointestinal ailments listed below.

Handouts of Preparation Instructions

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